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 The Academy for Individual Excellence:

•  Children are evaluated according to their own ability and work ethicEnabling Children to Achieve Their Individual Best
•  Family-oriented environment
•  Strong motivation and self-direction are encouraged
•  Lifelong pursuit of knowledge is fostered
•   Participation in the journey as significant as the measurable outcome
• Structured for each child to experience success in learning

Philosophy Statement
The Academy believes that all children have a natural desire to achieve and learn best by experiencing success. We believe that children are empowered most by their engagement in the journey of learning. While we believe in the importance of teaching the material, our focus is on teaching the child to learn. We believe that this is best accomplished in a setting that replicates the most natural environment for fostering a child’s love of learning – the family. This family model allows each child to be inspired and, in return, inspire others while learning to respect and value individuality. We believe, through this experience, children are presented with the tools that empower them to become productive students and successful adults.

Mission Statement
The Academy for Individual Excellence strives to create a natural family environment that promotes acceptance and encourages high motivation and self-direction. The Academy emphasizes the necessary skills to create a foundation for the well-rounded, life-long pursuit of knowledge. The Academy evaluates each student’s progress on an individual basis. The expected outcome is success: individual, social and academic. The expected rewards are improved self worth and work ethic.

Vision Statement
The Academy for Individual Excellence creates life-long learners. It will continue to produce young people prepared to accept the challenges of their future whether it is in a vocation, career training, or higher education. This will continue to be accomplished by enhancing and maintaining the principles, techniques, and curriculum that foster strong character and work ethic. This empowers its students to make appropriate choices exemplifying responsibility and accountability. The Academy for Individual Excellence is prepared to be seen as a successful education model that encompasses the needs of a variety of students, including students at risk.

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