Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Academy for Individual Excellence. I am very glad that you have chosen to visit our website to learn about AIE. As its founder and principal, I have been blessed to have met so many wonderful children and families over the past 30 years. It is hard to believe that our preschool, Quala Care, opened its doors to the Jeffersontown community that long ago. It is even more difficult for me to comprehend the journey our school has taken as it has grown to be a fully accredited program, serving preschool through high school students and their families.

Our mission has always focused on educating children while maintaining a solid appreciation for the importance of family and the natural messages and benefits that its structure offers. Our desire to develop within our students a strong work ethic, the confidence to engage, an acceptance of accountability and a sense of compassion is fulfilled daily through the use of specific techniques and tools. It is through this purposefully designed approach that AIE presents multiple opportunities for its students to experience, appreciate and embrace these important qualities.

It is true that our school is different from most. At first glance, our emphasis on and approach to a child’s individual journey of development confuses those who only look from the outside in. However, when given the opportunity to explain why we do what we do, how we do it, and our results, even those who began as skeptics are left with an appreciation for our vision. Our desire is to help each child understand the significance of being their best. We recognize the need for a child’s efforts to be valued in relationship to individual interest, skill set and ability. We view education as an individual journey for each student. We trust in tomorrow and a child’s natural desire to achieve more today than yesterday. We believe children remain engaged in learning as long as acknowledgement and appreciation for that engagement is assured. Perhaps most important of all, at AIE we seek to establish for each child, no matter their strengths, weaknesses, similarities or differences, a sense of being needed… a sense of belonging.

It is this sense of belonging, coupled with a challenging curriculum delivered in a safe stimulating environment, that promotes natural growth and development, as well as the self worth necessary for children to transition successfully into the adult world.

As its founder, I have been privileged to guide the development of the Academy for Individual Excellence from its beginning. This school serves as a reflection of my views on family and education. As an educator, it reflects my personal views on the importance of education in creating effective communities and building a strong cohesive society. As the father of five, it reflects the understanding of my role as a parent and my desire to nurture each child on their individual journey. As the Academy has grown, I have been fortunate to find many dedicated educators willing to join me on this journey and eager to embrace this educational approach to the whole child. Without them, AIE would not be what it is today.

I wish we had kept count of the children we have served over the years, but that was never our focus. What was and is important is that we have served and are continuing to serve. It is now exciting to say that AIE has begun to serve its second generation of students, including my own grandchildren.

I hope your visit to our website today prompts you to make further contact with the Academy. I would certainly enjoy showing you around our school and introducing you to the members of our staff and student body. I am always excited to share our philosophy and explain in more depth what makes our school such a great place for children to be. AIE is definitely a place where children belong!

I hope to see you and your family soon!

John Savage M.Ed