Letter from the Director

Welcome! It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Academy for Individual Excellence (“AIE”). I hope that you enjoy learning more about our school.

AIE is a Christian school serving preschool through 12th grade. The school is accredited by the KyNPSC (Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission) and is certified by the state. As a minister for the church of Christ as well as the school’s founder, AIE’s design has been purposefully structured to honor Godly principles, value family, and demonstrate a respect for the lessons of service and love found in the life of Christ.

Our mission has always focused on educating children while maintaining a solid appreciation for the importance of family and the messages and benefits that its natural structure offers. The desire of the AIE faculty and staff to develop within our students a strong work ethic, the confidence to engage, an acceptance of accountability and sense of compassion is demonstrated daily through their use of specifically designed methods and techniques.

The purpose of AIE’s unique design and structure helps each child embrace and trust an elusive truth…that being their best is sufficient. We recognize the need for a child’s efforts to be valued in relationship to individual interest, skill set and ability. We view education as an individual journey for each student. We trust in tomorrow and a child’s natural desire to achieve more today than yesterday. We believe children remain most motivated and engaged in learning when acknowledgement and appreciation for that engagement is assured; rather than a false identity gained through comparison to others. Perhaps most important of all, at AIE we seek to establish in each child a sense of being needed…a sense of belonging. We believe this to be a direct reflection of a healthy relationship between God and man through Christ.

It is this sense of belonging, coupled with a challenging curriculum that promotes natural growth and development in our students. It also creates within students the self-worth necessary for successfully transitioning into the adult world.

While our website provides only a snapshot of our school, I hope your visit here today prompts you to make further contact with the Academy. I would certainly enjoy showing you around our school and introducing you to the members of our staff and student body. I am always excited to share our philosophy and explain, personally, what makes our school such a great place for children to be.  AIE is definitely a place where children “belong!”

I hope to see you and your family soon!

For the Children,

John Savage M.Ed