Scholarship Foundation

Requesting Financial Assistance

Families may request financial assistance by contacting our financial office. AIE uses FACTS Management Service as a uniform method of determining need for our families. Filling out and submitting the required financial FACTS form is the first step in this process. This can be done electronically and our financial office has the information required to help you get started. Families may also write a letter giving specific circumstances that explains why the request for assistance is being made.   After the financial office receives the necessary information from FACTS, families are notified by the school if they qualify for assistance (families will be notified mid June). The amount of assistance offered to each family is then determined by several factors and not solely on need. Consideration to monies available for scholarship, the number of families requesting and qualifying for assistance, and space available must be taken into account. It is always our goal to help as many individuals as we possibly can.

Make a Donation to the AIE Scholarship Foundation

If you would like to make a donation to the AIE Scholarship Foundation, you can make your tax deductible gift by sending a check to the school office or by giving your gift through PayPal below. Any amount will help and be appreciated as we strive to assist as many families as possible.