Bluebird Freedom Campaign

Help us erase our School building debt & find Freedom! 

Give the gift of freedom today.

When the Academy for Individual Excellence (AIE) purchased and facilitated much needed renovations at 3101 Bluebird Lane, our beautiful school building, we envisioned freedom: freedom to provide comfortable classrooms and areas for exploration like our Sponge Rooms; freedom to offer our athletes a space to compete; freedom to provide raises to our hard-working faculty and staff.

We have achieved nearly all of this except the latter. Yet that freedom is in sight! 

Help us pay off our mortgage at our Bluebird Lane campus and re-invest those funds into providing more resources for our students, faculty and staff. 

We serve nearly 400 students who enjoy AIE as their second home. Part of this feeling is due in large part to our staff. With freedom from our mortgage, we can better honor our teachers with the salaries they deserve. These salaries should mirror the quality, compassionate and effective skills that our faculty provide in the classroom every day.


CONGRATULATIONS AIE!!!!!! Together we did it. The last payment on the building has been mailed and received. We are debt free on the building. Thank you to all who have worked over the past five years to accomplish this challenging feat. Thank you to the ones who stepped up this past couple of weeks to make this announcement possible. It took everyone working together, and in so many ways, to make it a reality and we did.! Happy New Year and be safe!