Elementary Clubs and Activities

The Academy believes that pursuits outside of the classroom help to develop a child as a whole person. In keeping with the philosophy that family and community are important, students in the younger grades are encouraged to participate in activities offered by their churches and communities with the purpose of fostering great family and community interaction. Through this approach AIE students are still able to enjoy a variety of team and individual sport activities, become involved with purposeful social interaction through Scouting and American Heritage Girls, and develop many individual and family interests with parents and siblings. It is our goal for children to spend time with their families in meaningful activities that foster healthy relationships since they are separated from their parents and siblings for such a large part of the day.47a5df31b3127cce9854ad1a159400000035108IYtWbRuya8[1]

The Academy does, however, offer its elementary students the opportunity to participate in a few extracurricular programs, some of which have minimal fees. We understand that many parents work late and are not able to provide as many opportunities for outside activity as they might desire.

AIE’s programs for elementary students are therefore offered right after school and often completed by the time many parents are able to pick the child up. These activities include percussion ensemble, band, and 5th-6th grade intramural basketball program in the spring.

John-Savage---IMG_2831Seventh and Eighth grade students are also offered the opportunity to participate in archery and a basketball program for both boys and girls teams that includes competitive interaction with other small schools in the area.

The Academy’s I.D. (Individual Development) program is also available at additional cost, to all students (K-12) and serves a resource for academic tutoring, the development of individual interest and various workshops. This program is available to individuals year round and can be accessed through the school office.