High School Resources

High School Resources

Below you will find some of the commonly requested forms and documents for the high school. Additional High School Resources such as the Student Handbook, High School Addendum, 9 Weeks Contracting Calendars & Other Contracting Documents can be found on the school wide page of ISM.

High School Downloadable Resources

KY School Compliance Verification Form for Drivers – Students taking their permit or drivers license tests must first receive a compliance verification form from the school. This is a state-wide requirement to make sure that students are in “good standing” with their school. We recommend that students and parents confirm that they are eligible to receive the compliance form, prior to making an appointment to take the drivers test – High school students who are incomplete or have more than the allotted amount of unexcused absences may not be eligible to receive the form until these can be addressed.

AIE Driver Permission Form – If a student driver would like to have the option to drive to and park at school they need to complete the AIE Driver Permission form. They form allows the school to know that the student has parent permission to drive to school, who they can provide a ride to and vehicle identification information.

High School Calculator Note

High School Contracting Calendar 2023-24

High School PE Documentation Form – Per the High School Addendum to the School Handbook; The state mandated ½ credit of physical education is a supervised independent study at the Academy.  This credit is achieved by being part of a sports team, or participating in group or individual instruction or activities. The documentation must be signed by a parent or supervising adult. A total of 75 hours of activity are needed. Please use the PE Documentation Form for this purpose and when completed return to the front office. If you are in need of additional activity ideas the PALA (Presidential Youth Fitness Programs) activity sheet is a great resource. PALA Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Post-Secondary Transcript Requests

Please allow a minimum of two business days for your request to be processed. If you are needing your transcript mailed please include the full mailing address. If you are needing it emailed instead you can include the email address as well.

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