Quala Care is conveniently located less than a mile from the heart of _u6a8254Jeffersontown on Bluebird Lane, just behind the J-Town Library. Quala Care has been serving children in this area for 30+ years. The preschool serves children ages 2 through 5 and is open from 7:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. each weekday, year round. This allows the school to operate educationally as a preschool and serve the needs of the working parent by offering extended hours.

Quala Care has a wonderful family-oriented atmosphere with a competent, _u6a8610experienced staff and a low turnover rate in both staff and the children we serve. Every aspect of the day is considered a learning experience with opportunities for creativity in art, music, and movement. Children are grouped according to age to allow for sequential learning and development, but are also given the opportunity to engage in multi-age socialization. Coaching and guiding the children as they spend time playing and interacting in mixed age groups throughout the day is an important component of Quala Care’s family-style structure and one that inspires the presence of natural growth and development, as well as a sense of compassion for others._u6a8441

The director of the preschool, Jeanne Mynatt, welcomes the opportunity to give you a personal tour of the preschool and answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to call her at (502)-267-5115.

Preschool Faculty


Jeanne Mynatt


Ms. Jeanne Mynatt serves as the Director of Quala Care Preschool. Ms. Jeanne has been with Quala Care for 24 years. Through the years, she has served as teacher, assistant director and for the past 12 years as director. Her solid understanding of our philosophy and her experience in its implementation make her a valued member of our administrative team. Her staff is well-trained and cohesive. Her love for children and her expectations for their development are evident as she works daily to serve our Quala Care family.


Dawn Mikesell

Assistant Director


Susana Humphries

Preschool Teacher


Michelle Aines

Preschool Teacher


Molly Jacobs

Preschool Teacher


Amber Crenshaw

Preschool Teacher


JoAnn Noble

Preschool Teacher


Sandra Shultz

Preschool Cook/Aide