ISM Resources (Enrolled Families)

ISM Resources for Current AIE Families

Welcome AIE Families! As a part of your enrollment in our school, we are thrilled to have you join our ISM school communication site. ISM which stands for Intelligent Social Media is our school communication platform where you can communicate with your child’s teachers, get school-wide updates and access additional educational resources. This is a secure platform that provides a variety of ways to engage like instant messaging, video calls and class forums.

Despite its name, we do not use ISM as a social media platform the way some might use Facebook or Instagram. This site is strictly meant for school communication so we have created an account for the Family not the student. We ask that parents work alongside their child when on this site to make sure it is being utilized appropriately.

Once you have received your welcome to ISM letter along with a password and username you can access the ISM login site. The welcome letter will walk you through the steps to login for the first time and join your first school group page.  You will also find links to additional instructional videos in ISM. We encourage you to get on the site, explore and review the tutorials and instruction sheets. Video tutorials can be found on our AIE Academy School-Wide Home Page on ISM. These are located on the Files section under the folder Tutorials.

If you need additional support or have further questions please feel free to reach out to us via phone or email Pam Cheek (K-8th) [email protected]  and Ally Wroblewski (9th-12th) [email protected].

*Looking for AIE Educational Resources*

AIE educational resources are available on the school-wide group page on ISM. There are a variety of videos, educational website links and Rote PowerPoints for families to utilize. You can also access the student handbook, high school addendum and other high school contracting resources in the FILES section on our school group page.